Vintage decoration

vintage decoration, formica furniture, the Nordic trend of the 70s… Create at
home an original and cheap vintage decoration avoiding the dusty effect:
possible? And how!

Vintage and
modernity, the key to a successful decoration

gives a unique look to your interior. Far, far away from the “model”
houses whose standard decoration would give hives to any amateur of beautiful
interior decoration.

And then,
beyond its decorative aspect, the idea of treating yourself to an object that
has a history, that has been appreciated by a family from another time before
landing in your hands is a very special experience. Touching, even. Ah… if
objects could talk. They would have stories to tell!

But here’s
the thing. By accumulating knick-knacks and other objects found on the left and
right, you can quickly fall into too much without even realizing it.

should not mean giving up a touch of modernity, quite the contrary. Otherwise,
you would quickly find yourself with a flat worthy of grandma’s, minus her
delicious jams and good advice.

Think about
it, a beautiful vintage room (a chest of drawers, a coffee table, a lamp…)
will never be as beautifully displayed as it is surrounded by more modern

Where to
buy vintage furniture?

the first reflex is to find out near you. The small neighbourhood flea markets
are always a real gold mine, and don’t forget to track down the next auction in
your town’s auction house. Contrary to popular belief, prices vary from the
smallest to the largest. The overwhelming majority of auctions sell everyday
vintage items, not an original painting by Renoir!

attention to the classified ads in your local newspaper. It happens from time
to time that an owner makes an “open door” and invites those who wish
to come and visit his house and leave with the object of their choice… A good
solution for those who find it difficult to plan ahead.

many websites now offer their own selection of vintage objects. The concept?
They are in charge of hunting and gathering a collection of objects with style,
a bias.

For or
against “fake vintage”?

The subject
is a matter of debate. We would tend to advise you never to try to copy the old
one line for line.

It is always better to select beautiful
“vintage spirit” furniture that has a real modern touch, that does
not seek to reproduce past trends but rather to reinvent them. For example,
treat yourself to a beautiful room in the Zwicky Factory and create a modern
atmosphere around it… It is better to have real, beautiful, small quantities
mixed with very nice furniture from Miliboo, Maisons du monde, Ikea… rather
than the other way around!

Of course,
this is not to point the finger at those who choose fake vintage but rather to
offer you a different and honest perspective on the subject. It’s up to you,
then, to choose what suits you best (and that’s fine!).